April 27, 2012

“Thanks for your support”

This is triggered by something on a website, not by any recent event, so no need to guess what “event” I’m talking about as there ain’t one!

I don’t “get” “thanks for your support” language from service providers.

I choose to bank with a particular bank/shop at a particular shop because of the service they provide.  I don’t “support” them, or at least that is not my aim.  I’m not going to become a more loyal customer because  they thank me for something i don’t intentionally do.  I will become a more loyal customer because of what THEY do: provide (appropriate) goods/services at a reasonable price.

Having said that, there ARE exceptions, times when would consider “supporting” a provider.  When i would choose a small independent cafe (that makes great coffee) over a large chain.  But only if they provide a service that works for me.

Sometimes we’re encouraged (particularly in churches in my experience) to “support” something that should be fun/enjoyable.  Shouldn’t we go to the quiz night or the movie night because we’ll enjoy it rather than to support it?  If it’s not enjoyable/lifegiving/engaging/uplifting for people, is it worth doing?

An exception here can be missional… it’s important that there are people present to make an event hum, to build connections with others who come along, to “run” the thing, to make it happen.  But churches should surely be running things that are connective and appealing to the people that are part of them, so if people from beyond themselves come they have like-people to build connections with.

So DON’T tell me to come to support your event.  Frankly, it makes it sound needy!  Tell me why you’re doing it and what you hope to achive and I’ll put on my boots and be in!

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Mothers Day Prayer (repeated)

Popping this here again in case it is of use/a blessing to anyone….

Mothers Day prayer

I wrote this pastoral prayer for mothers day (several years ago)

With loving thoughts of, and prayers for, all the women I know, love, respect who inspired it…

God, it is mothers day.
And so we think about mothers and we think about children.
We think about others and we think about ourselves.

God, we pray for new mothers:
women who are today celebrating their first mothers day.
Be near to new mothers.
May they know the joy of precious moments with their babies
as well as your strength and sustaining
amid the interrupted sleep and constant demands.

God, we pray for mothers who have lost a child.
Through miscarriage or death
Through adoption
Through abortion
Through the breakdown of a relationship.
Be near to those mothers
May they know a growing sense of hope, love, joy and peace
as well as your strength and sustaining amid their sadness and pain.

God, we pray for mothers who long
for a better relationship with their child
May you help them do all they can to heal rifts,
Whilst realising that it is not only their responsibility.
Help them to reach out and to let go appropriately.

We pray for women who parent alone
Thank you for their courage
Sustain them as they seek to be both mother and father
to their precious children.
Place others alongside them to help and encourage them.

We pray for women who long to be mothers
Comfort them, heal them, sustain them, be near them.
We pray for babies for them, in your time.

We pray for all mothers
Give them an ever-growing love for their children.
Help them enable their children to grow and develop
Give them courage and grace as relationships change

God, we thank you for our mothers
For the women who bore us and birthed us
For the women who fed us and cared for us
For the women who loved us and disciplined us.

Some of us find it easy to thank our Mums
for all they have done for us
Some of us wish we could speak words
to mothers we no longer have.

Comfort those who mourn
Give courage and strength to those who need it
Grant us all an appreciation of those who have
“mothered us” appropriately
be they birth mothers, adoptive mothers,
dear friends or others.

In Jesus name

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