May 18, 2012


I have a cup that was a birthday gift from a friend…

It’s a gorgeous dusky pink, and says “Believe” on it.

Those who have enjoyed a cuppa with me in my home MAY have observed that I am mildly OC when it comes to cup usage.  When I am having a drink with someone else, our cups need to match.

So this “Believe” cup is for individual use. And it has become a sort of spiritual practice for me.  Because there are times when I need to Believe.  To trust God and to hope.

Times when I deliberately select the cup, as a way of acknowledging my dependence on God and God’s work in my life.  Or in the lives of others.

At the moment, it is more about others.  I don’t need it for myself.  But I shall go and make myself a cup of tea now, believing for A and D and H and K and S.  Believing that sunshine WILL break through, and clouds disperse.  And praying and believing for peace, wisdom and courage in the meantime.

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May 02, 2012

Woven into a tapestry of love

I popped in on some old blog posts and came across a reflection from May 2004 on Colossians 2:2.  In it I reflected on what it would mean to create a church community where people coiuld see they belong, could see that their life goes in with the other lives to create a whole thing of beauty.

I felt a sense of loss that i don’t have such beautifully profound things to blog about anymore 🙂  But i thought I’d repeat it here, because it was a lovely image…

And now as i start to type, i realise perhaps there is still some stuff in me that is worth sharing 😉

I’ve/we’ve struggled to find our thread here in Adelaide, particularly in terms of worshipping life.  We settled in a church with some fantastic individuals, and lots going for it, but struggled to find the sort of community and missional involvement our dislocated/transposed roots/hearts craved.  Also, we needed to transition to a new way of being.  As a family we had never not been in pastoral ministry.  As a couple, Steve and i had been in primary church leadership for over 15 years.  It was weird being in a pew, together!  There were opportunities for involvement that were relished, but looking back I realise i couldn’t see our thread.

A geographical move across the city saw a new search for a church “home” and we discovered (and I thank toblerone chocolate for this, but that’s another story) a place where we felt at home.  We walked in and were given something to make.  There was food.  There was a sense of joy, and real-ness about the people there.  There were Interesting People.

A lovely letter from the minister was hand delivered, expressing welcome and showing we had been “seen” and maybe even a little Known.

We went back the next time they met and again felt that sense of belonging.

I dare to believe I can see a thread.

I wondered, should i say to the minister, “can we skip the courting and get to the bit where we just jump in boots and all?”  Then Easter Sunday came and the minister asked K if she played any instruments, and me if I could help out with leadership of this service.

Delight for me as I realise the girls will have an opportunity to use and develop their musical gifts.  And I can Help Out (those who know me well will realise that is what Lynne’s Do Best) with creating connective worship and services that resource life beyond Sunday.

And … I decided blow it (literally) and have offered to also play flute.  So I’m looking forward to my everything-that-has-breath praising the lord in that way for the first time in too long.  (Think I may need to practise though).

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