May 20, 2008

a giant marshmellow?


1. I had a good idea a while back.
the idea was to completely redo the master document that produces the demographic profiles i prepare. to add in time series data from 1996 and 2001 (added it to the 2006 data), to add thinks to think about to each page rather than at the back of the file as an appendix.

2. On Sunday i took a platter to my sister’s for dessert… it included giant marshmellows. i popped one in my mouth as i was about to walk the platter to the table, then put the platter down again, and chewed for some time.

the marshmellow was LARGE (i knew that) but seemed to become larger once in my mouth.

my master document is LARGE (i knew that) but seemed to become larger once i started reworking it.

i am running seminars in chch (28 may), akld (26 june), wgtn (2 july) over the next couple of months.

i MUST get this master completed in time to produce the demographics for attenders…

you can pray for the ability to chew speedily if you like 🙂

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