August 10, 2004

A micro-retreat

I’ve spent the last 30 hours (mostly) at Governors Bay
in the company of a bunch of people
who are doing or thinking about doing church
in different ways.

Called “Converse”
this is the third such event
with people from Auckland, Christchurch and Geraldine
gathering to talk and listen and share ideas.

Mark Pierson always does a fantastic job of facilitating these events.
His transition to Melbourne is our loss, their gain.

A highlight for me was a trip to the Chch Art Gallery.

One of the curators there, responsible for visitor experience,
talked with us about the curation process and how spaces are made to be accessible and inviting for visitors (as well as – obviously – the best they can for the art works.)

It was really interesting and has some fascinating overlaps into ministry, most obviously when there is a curation of a space (eg in an art exhibition or worship installation) but also in more general terms of “visitor experience” in people coming into a church/worship space.

Lots to mull over. Cos in many ways the circumstances are similar (which is of course why Steve organised us to go)… a range of people visiting with a range of levels of understanding about art/church. The potential for a sense of uncertainty or unfamiliarity, meaning people need to be given clear signals that they are welome to be there, and where to go to access what they have come from.

Good stuff…

(and I learnt that 1500mm is the internationally accepted standard height to centre artworks on, except the really big ones that are centred at 1800mm. I knew there was a reason that we hadn’t gotten around to hanging our art yet… after 6, no 7 months of being in Chch…)

Posted by Lynne Taylor at 08:33 PM

Lynne, thanks for your intial reflection…it sounds like it was a fascinating time…having now visited the ChCh art gallery (with illustrous company) I would have very much enjoyed the conversation / overlap between “visitor experience” and the thinking / praxis behind the curating of gallery / and diverse spaces within which to encounter God…

Posted by: Paul Fromont at August 11, 2004 10:09 am

there has been talk of church as being like multi-plex cinema, with options and sizes asnd variety within one space, but I rather like the notion of church as gallery spaces… permanent collections that have wee changes made regularly, and temporary shows that are there for a season… always changing, reflecting changes in our world, providing a service to people.

A partial picture!

Posted by: lynne at August 11, 2004 10:56 am

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