September 24, 2010

As requested..

I asked my small group to pray for wisdom and clarity re my future..,

Part-time job or Masters?

I had two job applications “live”; one i didn’t expect to get as it was full-time and i cheerfuly offered myself part-time (as you do!).  The other i had a brief phone interview-let about.  And really wasn’t feeling very enthusiastic about.  A job I could do BUT.  Big question seemed to be: should i be taking this opportunity for further study?

So prayers went up and today i heard i hadn’t got either job.

It is my ideal outcome; in that there is easy clarity… no choice to make, no saying “no” required.  It is only a small part of me that wishes i could at LEAST have had a proper interview (more interview practise always good).

But REALLY, it is as i requested: very clear. 

… time to hatch a masters thesis me-thinks

(eek.  did i say that out loud??)

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