May 18, 2012


I have a cup that was a birthday gift from a friend…

It’s a gorgeous dusky pink, and says “Believe” on it.

Those who have enjoyed a cuppa with me in my home MAY have observed that I am mildly OC when it comes to cup usage.  When I am having a drink with someone else, our cups need to match.

So this “Believe” cup is for individual use. And it has become a sort of spiritual practice for me.  Because there are times when I need to Believe.  To trust God and to hope.

Times when I deliberately select the cup, as a way of acknowledging my dependence on God and God’s work in my life.  Or in the lives of others.

At the moment, it is more about others.  I don’t need it for myself.  But I shall go and make myself a cup of tea now, believing for A and D and H and K and S.  Believing that sunshine WILL break through, and clouds disperse.  And praying and believing for peace, wisdom and courage in the meantime.

Posted by Lynne Taylor at 02:05 PM | Comments (1)

A great practice Lynne and thank you. I hope you enjoyed your tea in the sunshine. K

Posted by: K at May 18, 2012 5:28 pm
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