November 25, 2004

Christmas in New Zealand?

As part of Opawa’s Christmas Journey,
a team of us are working with two classes from the local primary school.

The children are going to make dioramas
that tell something of the Christmas story.

As part of my preparatory surfing,
I came across the website
and noticed there was a page on Christmas in New Zealand.

I thought I’d have a wee look…
but clearly there isn’t much happening Christmas-wise in NZ this year!

Oh well, never mind!

(Actually a second look suggests that Christmas itself is off-line at the mo…
I guess it has a month to sort itself out!)

Posted by Lynne Taylor at 01:20 PM

I like this NZ Christmas song – some nice contextualistion.

Posted by: StephenG at November 25, 2004 4:01 pm

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