June 13, 2005

Do you care?

“Do you care?” asked my five year old.
Shannon carried the bucket
Kayli Anne asked the question and carried the pen and sponsorship form.

Weaving in and out of the chairs at church
drumming up sponsorship support.

The Taylor family is living for a day (Saturday)
with all our water coming from a bucket.

The toilet tap will be turned off
No inside taps will be turned on.
Water for our early morning cup of tea
will be sourced from our outside tap
(and it’s winter here, people!)
I will have to bucket and heat(!) water for my post netball “shower”.
We will take water with us where ever we go, so as not to break our promise.

(Oh NO! I just realised we won’t be able to go for coffee!)

Because 1.5 billion people have no access to clean drinking water.
Because 12 million people are killed each year by diseases caused by unsanitary water.
And because we care!

Tranzsend’s annual appeal
is this year themed around Water for Life.

Steve challenged us last night at Digestion
called for 5 people willing to live out of a bucket
and others to sponsor.

Shannon was desperately keen.
“Can we?” she begged…

Will you sponsor us?
Credit card payments, foreign cheques and cash all accepted.

Go on!

All money raised will go to tranzsend to help them in their work
bringing water for life
(both physical and spiritual water)
to the people across the world so desperate for it.

How much can we raise??

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