February 20, 2004

Does size matter?

Today I had coffee with a group of women.
Discussion meandered from children to work and life.

I was introduced as a pastor’s wife to a woman who is also involved in pastoral ministry. She asked about the size of my church and disclaimed the smallness of hers.

How strange to be in a big church!
What has changed?
My location.
My husband’s job.

It says nothing of the actual health of the church.
It merely assumes that bigger is better.

I realised I simply didn’t care how big their church is.
And yet for years I have similarly felt graceway was less significant because less in size.

Silly me!

Not a question of size as much as a question of fit.
Does it work for the people who attend?
Is it deepening their relationship with God?
Enhancing their spirituality?
Helping them as they live and interact in the world that God loves.

Posted by Lynne Taylor at 03:58 PM
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