September 17, 2004


Maxim just posted this article.

They’re arguing that married men live longer than unmarried men, on the basis that of those who died in 2003 the average age of married men (aged 19 and over – and there’s the “Duh” factor) who died was heaps higher than the average age of unmarried men who died.

I commented, rather graciously, I would have to say…
There’s a wee issue with the stats here.

Let’s see…
suppose a young man dies at 19. Chances are he is not married. So he is in the not-married pile. If he waits until he’s 60 to die, he’s a whole lot more likely to be married.

Our young men who die are less likely to be married, so of course they lower the average age at which unmarried men die.

The information could be more meaningful if the age range started from when 50% of men are married, rather than at 19 years.

But really, it’s a totally shonky use of stats. I’m not going to say anything more, because I’m in danger of flaming them!

… so byeeeeee….

Posted by Lynne Taylor at 09:10 AM
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