April 03, 2004

High School Reunion

I remembered on Thursday
that I was supposed to get stressed
about my school reunion,
on this past weekend.

According to the stereotypes
(Hollywood-style, of course!),
I am supposed to diet desperately
and rack my memory for some sort of “life”
I can claim to have.

My class-mates seemed to too,
and I think we presented
as a pretty contented bunch of 30-somethings
(hey… 30-not-VERY-muches)
who are by and large contented with life.

Contentment is a good thing!
Satisfaction with what is.
No desperate striving to be
other than what we are
No crippling regrets.

Some of the things those people
have encountered along the way
have been the very worst of things.
And yet there’s a serenity and a grace there,
rather than bitterness and regret.

But hey
All from my impressions
from one evening and one morning!
So in a timid attempt at accountability,
I email those who were there
(thanks to organised-Alison
for getting the email addresses out so promptly),
let them know I’ve blogged about them,
and await the comments nervously.
Did I read it right?
Are we a pretty contented, well-adusted bunch?

We sang at our school end of year graduation thing,
“Friends are friends forever”,
by Michael W. Smith (that dates us!),
and while I haven’t seen many of these people
for over 10 years,
there is a sense that a friendship remains.

Last night after the Reunion
I met Steve at Salmonella Dub,
and danced (boy, did I dance).
More on the concert later (watch this space),
but the lines
“It’s good to see you again my friend,
It’s been a long long time”
applied well to the evening I had encountered.

It was great to see you all again my friends…
it’s been a long long time!
Alu, Di, Sara, Jo, Anne, Andrea,
Alison, Chris, Debbie, Fiona, Hamish

Hey let’s do it again
before too long!

Posted by Lynne Taylor at 05:36 PM

Raging with the lad @ the Dub – trying to get the picture. I didn’t think Christians danced (wink)… 🙂

Posted by: Paul at April 4, 2004 8:18 am

Lynne, you’ve summed it up pretty well. I must confess I was planning on looking slimmer, but I guess I’m too content to not worry about it that much. I really enjoyed ‘hanging’ with our classmates. The only difference between 1986/7 is our 16 or so years of experiences and resultant wisdom which make us more interesting I think. Thank you for being there and to all the others too! Yes, lets get-together before the year’s finished at least!

Posted by: Alison at April 4, 2004 11:09 am

I meant to also say that I thought we were all looking pretty darn good!
Looked back through old photos today… 7th form prefects (ugh, i look dweeby!) – the one where we all pulled silly faces was infinitely better!! And how come Clare and I aren’t in uniform in 7th form (off to 4th form camp), and my jandals have odd straps and I’m in the middle for all to see…

enough already
need to go deal with another 2500 (i hope that’s an exaggeration!) mussel shells (see 2 April entry)


Posted by: lynne at April 4, 2004 9:01 pm

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