July 11, 2004

Home again …

Just home from a deliciously refresing week away.

Six nights in Geraldine, South Canterbury,
including a day trip to Lake Tekapo
where we oggled the mountains
and went find some snow.

Snowman, snowfight, icy slip.
Brilliant sunshine.

Two days later we headed the other way
and the girls made sandcastles
(vocanoes for some reason)
on the beach at Caroline Bay, Timaru.

Neither trip was over 1.5 hours
from where we were staying.

I like my country.

Driving down there were
amazing views of the Southern Alps
snowy and crisp.

And at Caroline Bay
I got to see both sea and mountain
in the same vista.

It was a fun, relaxed break.
We played games
(especially our new Cranium Cadoo)
read heaps
watched videos
ate, drank, enjoyed.
7 days of sunshine.

Twas good.

Posted by Lynne Taylor at 05:13 PM

Lynne, it sounds heavenly. You’re right, we live in a beautiful, diversely landmarked, and compact country. I’m pleased the time away from so good. We all need time-out to re-charge and re-energise our lives…What’s Cranium Cadoo? With our two girls being close in age to yours, I’m just starting to buy family games that we can all, or most all, play…

Posted by: Paul Fromont at July 12, 2004 9:47 am

Sounds awesome! NZ is an amazing country. Kiwis need a better theology of place. We spent 3 months in Timaru (summa assignment) and fell madly in love with the place! Tekapo is the most stunning and enchanting place I know of. The drive from Timaru up to Tekapo is definately part of the enchantement for me. This comment should be in green..I’m so jealous! Caroline Bay in the winter sounds amazing as well. Did you go to The Red Rocket in Timaru? Some good coffee there…

Posted by: Andrew at July 12, 2004 11:31 am

Welcome, welcome, welcome back!:-)

Posted by: Liz at July 12, 2004 1:22 pm

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