August 17, 2005

I guess it is good really…

I guess it is good,
a compliment, even,
that the fish and chip shop person
didn’t offer ME a free drink.

It was a slow day in the fast-food lane.

The reason I phoned through my order at 5.40
was that the girls needed to be out at 6pm.

I had been home for a total of 5 minutes all afternoon
(that was the time it took to dump the grocery shopping on the floor
put some stuff in the fridge
grab lunch for Steve and I and be out the door).

I opted for fast food for dinner
cos i mistakenly believed it would be faster
than cooking myself.

So by the time it got to 6.10pm and it still wasn’t cooked
I was less-than-pleased.

But, unlike the man served just before me,
I clearly didn’t look cross and grumpy enough
to warrant being given a pacifying freebie.

And that is good.

Isn’t it?


Posted by Lynne Taylor at 01:15 PM
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