August 19, 2010

Just over 12 months

It’s been over a year since i blogged… lots of reasons for that.  Uncertainty and prospective change that couldn’t be shared.  Turmoil, sadness and grief.  No internet.  Facebook, finding myself in a new place…

And here i am in a different land, listening to the rain pound on the roof, certain we are where God wants us to be, yet still wondering what that means for me personally.

We moved to Adelaide in January and I have been glad to be primarily existing on the “home front”.  Kids to settle into school.  Husband with demanding job.  Has been nice to not have stress of me going-out-to-work.

We live in a lovely house just a stones throw from the beach (if you’re Chris Cairns that is), and are settling, putting down roots, finding our feet. 

I have started applying for jobs.  Actually to be technically correct, i have applied for a job :).  (rather hoping one will be enough, but realise that is an unlikely strike rate!)   I wonder what God has in store for me.  i am confident there is a plan.  But waiting isn’t my best thing!  (Sudden anxious hope that the life lesson for the second half of 2010 isn’t to be patience!)

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Hoping and praying that doors will open… soon!

Posted by: Linda at August 20, 2010 2:46 am
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