August 08, 2007

Leadership today

From Ronald Heifetz
“So the challenge of leadership today is to be able to stay calm in the midst of ambiguity, to maintain poise in the midst of uncertainty, to be able to keep people’s eyes on the larger values that you hope will be enduring and for which it’s worth suffering through changes and disorders, and responding with faith and creativity.”

The first bit reminds me of the need to be ducklike, paddling furiously under the water whilst maintaining a calm appearance above.
And then the need for big picture awareness, to be able to help people see themselves, their contributions, their reality as part of something bigger, something greater, something significiant.
And in doing so to macro-filter, rather than micro-filter: to view dreams, suggestions, ideas, life, with eyes on the horizon rather than on the detail.
And to always have faith and creativity. Oh yes, i need/love/treasure faith and creativity!

Posted by Lynne Taylor at 12:34 PM

Thanks Lynne. An insightful post. Great “duck” metaphor. The notion of a “macro-filter” very useful too.

Hope the day is a life-giving one for you.


Posted by: Paul Fromont at August 9, 2007 8:22 am

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