September 08, 2008

monday 8 september

Had a lovely Fathers Day yesterday. The girls had bought gifts and we had banana pancakes for breakfast before heading off for a walk along the coast.

Lunch at Brighton Beach, followed by a library trip, a quick call home to our Dads and a dash to the supermarket before heading to church in the late afternoon. It is good to be a visitor at a church; to experience what you actually want to know re where the kids are going off to etc…

We think it was Steve’s first fathers day without any church commitments: when we were at Graceway we just had an evening (5.30) service, so we could have a relaxed morning on FD, but this time we didn’t have either morning or night (or both!) church to do anything at, so was a bit special.

Saturday we went to an Aussie Rules game: elimination final, Adelaide Crows vs Collingwood Magpies. A real experience. We caught the Footie Express to the game, so had atmosphere and colours in preparation! I think I may have enjoyed it more than Steve; I appreciated a different set of skills than rugby has, and I like the fact that it feels like someone made it up on a beach somewhere (someone like Anne, perhaps!). (of course that may be highly offensive to Aussies, in which case I apologise!) Adelaide lost (and didn’t deserve to win, even I worked out enough to be able to mutter, “What d’ya call that?” from time to time)

Last Wednesday the girls and I went to the zoo for the day which was fun, especially the patting the kangaroos and other strange animal (quokka?). We also popped into the travel agent and paid for our Kangaroo Island adventure. The woman I have been working with there recognised me, which I think was the first time I have been recognised since being here. It felt nice :).

Another beautiful day today, with not a lot to do… a bit of blogging, some work emails, may be time to make muffins again, and I think I hear the beach calling!

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Ahhh, so glad you’re having a good time. Keep enjoying! Pauline’s coming again tomorrow. You are a lovely lady Lynne! And thanks for the pink hat! All well here.

Posted by: Lucy at September 9, 2008 2:09 pm
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