April 02, 2004

My laundry smells like the foreshore

My laundry smells like the foreshore
And I never want to eat a mussel ever again

Kayli , Shannon and I are playing
artist’s assistant
which today involved washing
500 (we may yet need to do another 500 … no, please no!)
mussel shells and drying them on the lawn outside
It feels like the cheats way to smelling fishy.
I didn’t pull them off the rocks,
they came fish-less, half-shell and boxed.
And smelly
Very smelly

The artist? Steve
The event? The Contemporary Passion of Christ
(Stations of the Cross)

Posted by Lynne Taylor at 03:51 PM

Were you all inspired by a certain little exhibition we all saw….? I found that I can buy a copy of that little art book you got Steve from Melbourne so I’m going to get a copy at some point…

Posted by: Paul at April 3, 2004 7:39 am

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