September 10, 2004

Oh, marvellous internet

I like the internet (actually I’ve spent just about all day on and off it, finding out useful pieces of information on growing and not growing areas of NZ)

But I particularly like it right now because
for some reason
I have picked Spring (another gorgeous day today)
to get chilblains.

I think I’ve been working on them all winter
and they’ve finally decided this is their LAsT cHaNCe!

They’re caused by cold and bad circulation and I probably have them because my blood has decided that it doesn’t actually need to circulate beyond my wrists and ankles.

And they gat bad when you warm up, so I guess as my hands were cold all winter I didn’t get them! But here comes spring…

So anyway
I threw out my old chilblain remedy from when I last lived in Chch

So googled on chillblain (Ms Google kindly asked me, “Do you mean Chilblain?”
I replied, “Yeah, whatever”

And between us we worked out that it was arnica that I needed.

So here I am freshly arnicaed
And looking forward to the end of the itch.

(Otherwise I shall have to go and put my hands in the fridge!)

Posted by Lynne Taylor at 09:43 PM

maybe christchurch isn’t that appealing.

Posted by: tash at September 13, 2004 9:49 am

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