October 13, 2005

on eating… together …

Here is (part of) the quote Sarah ended with on Tuesday night:

To be sure, Christians should critique both the dieting industry and the fast-food industry. And surely Christians are called to neither gluttony nor Gnosticism.

But we can do more than critique. We can also model something radically different—a relationship to food driven by Christian notions of joy and peace—and non-compulsiveness.

We can model homes and communities where people leave work in time to cook dinner, making time even to cook with our children. We can seek to eat food grown in our local communities, sending our food dollars not to conglomerates but to a farmer a few miles away. We can resist the social pressure to enroll our kids in 17 different after-school activities so that family and friends can gather around the dinner table together. We can remember that eating a meal together sits at the heart of Christian communal life—and is the very image of the kingdom of heaven (Isa. 25:6).

I like it.

Link to whole article http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2005/009/33.103.html

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