March 10, 2005

Poor little lost sheepie!

Just pulled my washing out of the machine
front loading machine
strange clicking sound.

Found one poor little lost sheep.

I have rescued it and put it on my printer.

How did you get in the machine,
you poor thing?

Looks none the worse for wear-
tho it seems to be refusing to look at me.
Hmm even when I turn it around it still won’t look at me.
(I think it might be a little cross!)

It reminds me I have a phone call to make
to my own (possibly) “lost sheep”

Posted by Lynne Taylor at 10:59 AM

Poor little sheep – he sounds a little stiff-necked -so might you be if you’d been raced around insde a washing machine. But at least he survived..and has now been found…. Elizabeth.

Posted by: Elizabeth at March 10, 2005 11:09 am

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