March 06, 2008

The spiritual discipline of not reading…

I have recently taken a blogger out of my favourites,
because I realised that reading their blog actually wasn’t good for me.
It made me cross and grumpy!

And so i exercised the spiritual discpline
of removing the easy access to their blog.
So now when i wonder if it is safe to read it
i simply can’t

well i could, but i would need to go to it off someone else’s blog roll
and that two stage process means i am now avoiding the nervousness around will it be good for me,
and the pain when actually it isn’t.

I recommend it as a spiritual discpline
and no, it is not a head in the sand approach,
rather a keeping me sane/safe approach.

Posted by Lynne Taylor at 08:28 AM | Comments (2)

Hey Lynne
SNAP! I have recently done the same thing becoz some reading is not an encouragement in growth but more of a discouragement.
Life is too short for rubbish in leading to rubbish out!
🙂 xx

Posted by: Elizabeth at March 6, 2008 6:06 pm

glad you’re still reading mine 😉

Posted by: lynne at March 6, 2008 6:51 pm
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