April 15, 2005

Today I have…

This morning I have…
surfed around the theme of tithing, generosity, giving
for resources to go out to our NZ Baptist churches later in the year.

In in-between moments
I have printed off survey forms and other documents
that will contribute towards a submisison
to the Tertiary Education Commission
on behalf of many of the Christian Training Colleges in NZ.

Next I will
type in offering prayers I am writing

offering prayers that offer
our money
our time
our gifts
to God.
(also resources to go out to baptist churches)

Then I will go to school
watch Kayli Anne and Shannon run
in their cross country races,
and take them out for my traditional
“term’s end” coffee/fluffy.
(This is Kayli’s first such event –
school finishes early on the last day of term,
so Shannon and I used to have coffee/fluffy together
before picking up Kayli from kindy,
but now she’s a big school girl too)

And then there’s party planning
for Shannon’s birthday party/ies.
(For some reason she seems to be having three this year).

Just as well I am not stressed.
Purple house?
Inner peace and contentment?
The love of God, family and friends?
All of the above!

Posted by Lynne Taylor at 12:25 PM

No wonder you need to live in a purple house if this is your ‘average’ day. I feel tired just reading it. Hope the parties! go well and you get a moment to stop and smell the roses. Say Happy Birthday to Shannon for me.

Posted by: Karen at April 16, 2005 8:35 am

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