June 15, 2004

Yes, I am back

Not entirely sure where I’ve been…

away for a few days…
computer needed reformatting…
flat out busy…

but back now
and hoping for more frequent conversation!

My few days away
were at a conference/retreat
for pastoral leaders and their spouses
from Baptist churches in the South Island of NZ.

It was very nice to reconnect with old friends
get to meet some new ones
and touch base with some of my work colleagues.

It was my first such conference,
despite having been “in ministry” for almost 10 years.

Having shifted back home to Christchurch
there are suddenly people who are able and willing
to look after the children so we can get away
(thanks E!).

And to be honest, when we started out in ministry,
our context was so outside the box,
and I felt so young,
that I didn’t really feel that I belonged
at such gatherings.
(Plus there was the small matter of my work…
and a zillion other reasons why it wasn’t easy)

Happlily over that now!

So enjoyed a weekend away
on Banks Peninsula
waking up to gorgeous sunrises
catching up with friends
and feeling a sense of belonging
in the particular family (movement!) of churches
of which I am a part.

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