August 06, 2011


I am not sure i particularly USED kindness today… Kindness is an “easy” one for me.  I am by nature kind, so it comes naturally, so as not to be noticed.  So i began to blog this because of the disclipine, rather than because there was anything particular to say.

I’d wondered if i’d need kindness when Miss 11 arrived home from a week’s adventure camping, but no, no special amonts of kindness required.  I did send flowers to mum and i guess that was kind, though it just seemed natural.

But then (as i was typing) i realised that we as a family RECEIVED kindness today in the form of a (belated, and carefully chosen) Welcome to Australia gift basket full of creative and insightful goodies.

So my fruit today was one enjoyed by me/us. The refreshment of welcome. The awareness of care and thought going in to select gifts and to prepare the accompanying words.

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August 04, 2011

Patience… hmmm, a useful reminder

The fruit of the day is patience.

It is 10.01 and despite getting up at 6.30 have not yet “achieved” or perhaps “completed” anything work related.  BUT I have written to my birthday-nieces, texted my mother, bailed on coffee with a friend (too wet), emptied and filled the dishwasher, trawled through loads of old memory-inducing items in search of anything that might tell me my Auckland Uni student number (unsuccessful; but then having only done one paper for credit unsurprising perhaps), received a warranty form to complete in order to BEGIN to sort issue with intermitently working TV remote, and sent 5 emails (3 to different people all called Karen, how about that?)

I need to remember to be patient with myself and patient with regard to the process-time things take.


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August 03, 2011

Peace came early…

The “fruit” (of the spirit) i decided (on Sunday) i needed more of in my life at the mo is peace.  Sometimes the gloom and unsettledness settles(!) and needs to be banished.  Peace seemed a good antidote to that.

And today (in my fruit a day) is peace-day.  So I was wondering what that might mean, having enjoyed joy!

But it came in handy earlier as i spoke with my mum last night. Mum is in hospital following a hip fracture and surgery. And she’s been suffering that gloom and angst that can sneak up on us at night, in dark and in pain.

So i prayed peace for her, and we talked about practical ways to KNOW peace even when we don’t feel it.

And then a text from a friend who needs peace in her everyday reality.

So my peace-emphasis, which i thought was going to be all about me, has become about others  …  which, of course, helps me too.  (for its in giving that we receive, and all that)

Who are you praying peace for?

(BTW Mum had a better night last night, yay)

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August 02, 2011

Another fruit: that would be joy

Joy can be found lurking/frollicking perhaps in the little details: the incessant chirp of a bird for example.  Or that warmed by the sun feeling (inside the sun-warmed car being a fav spot for me to be reminded of the warmth of God’s love)

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A fruit of the day

Breakfast Worship on Sunday morning was themed around the fruit of the spirit.

Afterwards I wondered… how would it be to “carry” a fruit with me each day, and seek to respond accordingly to the things i encountered.

Must confess that today (love) wasn’t especially profound, though i did recall my fruit from time to time, and can see potential for habit-forming-ness.  And simple reminders.

Joy tomorrow.

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April 14, 2011

On catching buses … or not

There are MANY important steps when catching a bus.

Planning your route is simple with google maps.  It is a bonus when the trip requires just one bus to get from A to B.

It’s pleasing when the bus is scheduled to arrive close to the required destination at a time close to the event start-time.  This looks promising for a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Pack supplies like cell phone, water, book.  Give instructions like which way the bus stops number: will the destination stop (22) be arrived at after Stop 21 or Stop 22?  (This is important, at least when a successful journey is made)

Leave home in plenty of time to walk to bus stop.

Look at timetable attached to lamp post (or whatever SA’s call them).  Observe the general patterm of frequency of buses (more on this important step later, the author recommends a more thorough observation of time-specific timetable details))

Sit chatting happily with bus-catching daughter, waiting for the bus.

The next step is important.  It is best to do this at an earlier stage in order to ensure successful bus catching.

Ask, “Have you got your bus ticket?”.  Observe look of horror.  Sent daughter running with keys back home.  Wait and will bus to be late.

Once the bus has passed, sigh.  Walk slowly towards home, collecting running (bus ticket clutching) daughter on the way.  It is safe to walk this part of the journey (at least it seemed like a good idea at the time).  Best to call the person expecting your daughter at the other end and advise of change of arrival time.

Return to home and computer to plan next option.  Observe with horror that while there is a GENERAL 30 minute pattern to the buses there is ONE exception to that… at this moment, when the (two) buses are a mere 9 minutes apart.

Run back (up hill) to bus stop.  Presume the bus you see going by right on time couldn’t possibly be it.  Arrive at stop pleased not to have encountered bus en route.   Wait hopefully for bus.

Look at timetable attached to lamp post (or whatever SA’s call them).  Note that NEXT bus (after one hopefully waiting for) is another 40 minutes later.

Wait hopefully, and then less hopefully.

Eventually decide bus must have passed already.

Retreat homeward.  Again, walking is advised here.  Don’t make another attempt on this day.

Send apologetic text to expected location.  Try again another day.

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March 18, 2011

I am a migrant

I am a migrant.

I have moved to a new land and I am learning to live and love in this new place.  To be grounded and centred here.

I listen to Dave Dobbyn’s Welcome Home and it COULD be more my song here than it ever was in the land of my birth.  Because it is gift for migrants: a generous welcome to a new land.  I could watch the DVD and cry.

Why? because he walks (literally) past shops i used to walk past daily and weekly (94-03) and i loved those places.  Lived and loved among those people.

Why? Cos i used the song in worship (Back to Church Sunday 2009) and it was good, very good, and i miss the creativity of shaping such services that are designed to be connective for people who don’t usually find themselves in church.

Why? Cos i wish Dave (Paul?) would sing that song for me here.  Yeah, i know, “a woman with her hands trembling, “haere mai”” probably doesn’t work so well here… i think it’s the “you have sacrificed much to be here” that i especially could cry at.  Because Dave understands that even though those migrants are glad to be in NZ, even though the refugees have struggled to get away from their country of birth, still it is a sacrifice and deep loss to leave one’s home. 

Yes, this land is beautiful and there is much to enjoy.  And I do.  And I love the fact that Aussies love their land. 

No, I am not glad i live here and therefore missed the earthquake/s.  I wish the earthquakes hadn’t happened.  I am thankful my family and I are safe.  But if i am totally honest i don’t know if i could have come here had i pre-known the pain that lay before my city, my whanau.

My white face blends in well with others around me.  But i am not the same.

I am here because we believe it is where God has called us to be.  We love the beach.  We love the vineyards (ok, not so sure the kids do).  We are lucky to live in this beautiful place.

But I still call New Zealand home.

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March 07, 2011

A communion for Christchurch (6/3/11)

The body of Christ- broken

God understands brokenness

God in Christ was broken

God the Father mourned the loss of his Son


With this bread, broken

We remember Christ’s broken body

and we give thanks.


God understands brokenness

and God brings restoration and wholeness.


In Colossians 1 we read of Jesus Christ: “everything of God finds its proper place in him without crowding. Not only that, but all the broken and dislocated pieces of the universe—people and things, animals and atoms—get properly fixed and fit together in vibrant harmonies, all because of his death, his blood that poured down from the cross.”  (The Message)

and so we drink from this cup and remind ourselves and each other

that in God

all the broken and dislocated pieces of the universe

WILL be properly fixed and fit together in vibrant harmonies.

Not as they were, but as they will be.



God,  thank you that you understand brokenness

That you know what it is like to experience deep pain

That you grieve with us in our brokenness

And thank you that in you there is hope of restoration

of lives restored

of people and places put to rights.


We remember your death and resurrection

and pray your resurrection life for us, for this city



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September 24, 2010

As requested..

I asked my small group to pray for wisdom and clarity re my future..,

Part-time job or Masters?

I had two job applications “live”; one i didn’t expect to get as it was full-time and i cheerfuly offered myself part-time (as you do!).  The other i had a brief phone interview-let about.  And really wasn’t feeling very enthusiastic about.  A job I could do BUT.  Big question seemed to be: should i be taking this opportunity for further study?

So prayers went up and today i heard i hadn’t got either job.

It is my ideal outcome; in that there is easy clarity… no choice to make, no saying “no” required.  It is only a small part of me that wishes i could at LEAST have had a proper interview (more interview practise always good).

But REALLY, it is as i requested: very clear. 

… time to hatch a masters thesis me-thinks

(eek.  did i say that out loud??)

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September 14, 2010

Where was God in the earthquake?

I’d love to hear your stories of where/how you found God/God found you in the Christchurch earthquake and ongoing aftershocks…

Comment here, or email me!  lynnetaylor at internode dot on dot net

i’m really interested in people’s “everyday” spiritual experiences… and this, whilst not “everyday” by any stretch(!) is part of that.. how do people encounter God as they simply get on and live their lives, whatever they encounter during their days.

I’m sure there are loads of awesome stories out there… I’d love to have you share them.  (I won’t pass any on without permisison, but may look to if you’re interested.)

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