Thursday, March 09, 2006

a day to be organised: UPDATE

Today is a day to be organised.

9-10 am; Pastoral leadeship and management lecture.

11-12:20 am: Working with a local community trust on leadership.

1:20 pm: Flying to Dunedin, where I spend the evening working with local churches in the area of mission (and doing 2 potential Letters from a dying church).

So today involves speaking among 3 different groups in 2 different cities. I learnt a word over last weekend “alignment”; the looking to make different parts of my life work together. Today feels a bit like “alignment;”
: what God is doing at Opawa; working into my speaking; working into a writing project
: the same content from my leadership lectures being spoken in two contexts.

UPDATE: I managed to meet all the deadlines and there seemed to be some good connection in various contexts. Peace to all the people I met!

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