Tuesday, May 08, 2012

a pioneer doctoring of ministry

Congratulations to Pat Cronin, the first ever Doctor of Ministry at Adelaide College of Divinity. A pioneer!

Pat did his thesis on adult conversion in the Catholic church and the discipleship processes that surround that. It is a fascinating study of ministry, of how the church is in mission, how it engages with people on their life journeys.

The photo is of all the work Pat did to gain the award. For a Doctor of Ministry, you don’t just write a thesis. You also undertake Program Seminars, doing theology in community, and undertake multiple Guided Readings, doing further research across the breadth of ministry. It’s a considerable stack of material, which Pat has all had bound, as a marker.

Impressive aye!

Pat’s a pioneer and it was a great celebration last night. He’s being closely followed by at least six others in our Doctor of Ministry programme. Research interests include the studying of learning communities, the practices of pioneer leaders, street chaplaincy, community gardens as a context for ministry, identity for women in ministry and ministry teams in multiple parish settings. It makes for a very rich and vibrant programme (which needs a Postgraduate Co-ordinator, applications closing 11 May, 2012).

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