Tuesday, May 22, 2007

guiding boy racers or How Would Jesus Drive

Following yet another high profile road death over the weekend here in New Zealand, and yet another “boy racer” headline, I got to wondering: If you were doing a Bible study for boy racers, what Bible stories might be a helpful guide?

And HWJD? Not What Would Jesus Do, but How Would Jesus Drive? What would your print on the HWJD bracelet that you could give to a young male when they got their license? Here’s my first draft:
1. drive as if your father in heaven owned the car
2. drive as if your mother Mary was sitting beside you
3. drive as if your kid brother James was in the car seat
4. drive as if the Spirit was always clocking your km’s.

What about you? Does the Bible have any resources that might shape the way young people drive?

Posted by steve at 07:03 PM


  1. Drive as if all vehicle rules demarcated the edge of a very, very tall cliff (Rom. 13)

    Comment by David Malouf — May 23, 2007 @ 6:10 am

  2. Taking this in a different direction, but…. I wonder if in the light of today’s ‘ Carbon footprint issue’ weather there’s a better question to ask like, “would Jesus would drive at all, if not seldomly” ? I remember getting my first car as a teenager – Morris minor 1000 ( two door ) – What a beauty. It meant freedom, a good measure of self determination and the ability to take my buddies to parties on the other side of town – with one of us being the designated driver. ( yeah, we did that back in the early 80’s)

    I wonder if today’s teenager would be willing to forgo that freedom ? Or atleast prioritise seeking alternatives in an effort to care-take God’s creation that suffers under global warming. What do you think Hipene, you gave up meat cause you couldn’t justify its consumption in the light of world famine, use of resources, health etc. In the same way, should we give up the car in the reality of global warming, wars over oil that abuse indigenous peoples, obvious health benefits etc. ?…And yes, tragic/preventable car accidents

    Perhaps the biblical hermeneutic today is weather we drive at all…

    Comment by Tangira — May 23, 2007 @ 5:02 pm

  3. Jesus drove… demons out of people and into pigs!

    Comment by Dave — May 24, 2007 @ 6:29 pm

  4. As a past boy racer now 38.I’m bewildered by the new breed. I was the kind the cruzed the streets , even done for DIC ,( not proud and will never do that again)But the car always was legal WOF reg Good tyres, lowered to the letter of the law,no noisey exhaust.When the cop pulled you over you did not chuck abuse at them , we had resepct for them and did as you were told, if the said “go home ” we did , till the next night. Otherwise the cops picked on you.As I knew the cops could not ticket me for the car not being legal,as it always was, i knew i was safe and after a few times they stopped pulling me over , unless for traffic offences. All you do then is apologize and appear submissive.After that they left you alone .
    If the boy racers/ highway hoons or what ever, reliazed , if your car is legal and you don’t go up against the cops, your not gonna be pick on.
    Also the roads are not a ps2, wi,or xbox if you make a mistake ( i can just here you saying i don’t make mistakes- TUI”S yeah right)you carn’t just get going again . Roads deaths are real, stop killing your mates .and yes it could happen to you.

    Comment by Paul — May 25, 2007 @ 12:56 pm

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