Saturday, May 08, 2004

idle musings on creativity and community

“We need to hear stories. Why should we wait until a funeral and a euology to hear the stories of God in people’s lives?” Comment made last week.

“I am so looking forward to church on Sunday. We never know what is going to happen.” Comment made this week.

Readers of this blog over the last 5 months will know that I have been in transition. I have moved from planting an emerging church, Graceway, to a 93 year old congregation, Opawa Baptist.

My move has been made for many reasons. One is a growing conviction that creativity and spaces to hear the stories of life, and of God in life, stretch across generations. That modernity has robbed all of us, not just younger people, of some important ways of accessing God.

I was getting sick and tired of hearing that participation and creativity only worked in church plants with people under 40. That what I did at Graceway was somehow good for youth, or good outside the mainstream.

I am in very early days at Opawa. We are still in honeymoon. Neverthless, I am constantly surprised at the warmth, excitement and acceptance of creativity and community across a wide spectrum of people.

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  1. Hi Steve – nice to see how your transition to Christchurch is emerging. I’m involved in a 2 year old church plant on the Gold Coast,
    and will continue with that but am about to start 3 months at a historic Uniting (ex Methodist) church in Brisbane. Will be interesting for us all.

    Comment by Duncan Macleod — May 20, 2004 @ 8:53 pm

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