Thursday, August 16, 2007

key missional phrases emerging from waikato diocese

I’m back from Waikato Diocese. (This is my 3rd Anglican clergy conference I’ve spoken at in the last few months (leaving Dunedin in November and Wellington in April next year)). There were about 130 leaders, apparently their best attendance for a long time. I’m very tired: two 90 minute sessions on the Tuesday, followed by four 90 minute sessions on the Wednesday …. slot in the after speaking people interaction, along with getting the powerpoints and video files ready for the next session … has left me quite fried.

There were a number of really nicely phrased understandings of mission, that emerged from the first session’s interaction with Luke 10:1-12: Firstly, get into their culture and secondly, centred on everyday.

Thirdly, in response to my asking where church was in Luke 10, came the phrase meeting where people are at. I turned this into a question back: Where do people meet in your diocese? and very quickly, from around the room came the answers: malls, cafes, schools, workplaces, RSA, bus stops, internet, stock sales, hospitals. A very grounded understanding of the missional movement of going, rather than expecting a coming to a building.

On the Wednesday two potential research projects began to bounce around the room. Firstly, the need for a gathering for storytelling and brainstorming around emerging and rural ministry, which I think needs to include developing a website of ideas and resources.

Secondly, a “green zone” gathering, a NZ wide Anglican gathering of pioneering leaders, to tell their stories, listened to by a few Bishops and key leaders, around two questions – how to sustain existing pioneering leaders and how to train pioneering leaders.

I am not sure what my place in these projects needs to be, but I wonder if they are some next steps in the mission journey.

In the meantime, both Auckland and Waikato Dioceses have expressed interest in my Missional Church Leadership year long coaching program. This will involve me flying to Auckland and Waikato monthly (starting late September 07 and ending August 08) to work with a group of people who want to take missional leadership learning further, integrated with on-line learning and coaching around developing mission projects in one’s local context. There are some spaces available, and I’d quite like some non-Anglicans in the mix, so let me know if you’d like to join. Here are some more details: Download file.

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  1. Steve – good to hear that the Waikato crew were so receptive, and positive, and thinking about what lies ahead. I had a chat the other day with a friend who basically said, the challenge is now to get a national scale conversation going. So I’d be up for helping that in anyway we can. Speak soon friend. Rich

    Comment by Rich Johnson — August 23, 2007 @ 7:41 pm

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