Sunday, July 01, 2007

new experiences

I spent 2 hours today being videod. Professional video, with lights and microphones and cutaways and me driving my car into the church car park and walking in the door, me on wide angle shot and me on closeup. Heaps of fun.

It’s not a normal Sunday afternoon activity, but arising because I am trialling a new course this year on Missional Church Leadership. I have designed it thinking about pastors in ministry, wanting to help them grapple with missional church skills and capacities, within their context.

The course has attracted the interest of a number of denominational groupings. So today was about, with the help of a video expert, shooting a 6 minute introduction to the course, wanting to explain the course simply and clearly. Allowing me to explain the course in a DVD format so that those interested can use it to explain the course to their leadership groups, or their bishops, or their oversight groups. I define words like church and leadership in the context of missional and talk about the structural shape of the course, and tell a few stories of missional at Opawa.

It is now on the editing floor and I hope to be able to display the finished product a months end.

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  1. By displaying, are you thinking of having it on your blog site?
    Any thoughts of making it downloadable for people whose internet connection might not be so good? Would love to see the finished product and for me the internet would be best – not really a good idea to order a copy and get it posted to me, as could get me into trouble.

    Comment by wokboy — July 3, 2007 @ 2:04 am

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