Saturday, August 08, 2009

new mates, old friends

I feel like I’ve made a whole lot of new mates and shared a pretty special week with various leaders from around Australia. God took us to some deep and probing places and the final worship was a wonderful end, participative, joyous, attentive to relationship, weaving so many threads of the week around God’s grace in communion.

Which meant a trip back, and great to travel with Paul, who’d come with me from the pastoral team at Opawa/Angelwings end. Normally I travel alone, all exhausted and introverted and it was enriching to have time to hang, talk, laugh, reflect.

And now I type this sitting beside my youngest, who is also typing on her laptop. Home. And soon the hockey “lot” will rush through the door. Home. With best friends.

Posted by steve at 11:20 AM


  1. Thanks again for your input around our table this last week, Steve. May you bask in the time back at your own family table!

    Comment by Brenton Prigge — August 9, 2009 @ 2:36 am

  2. Hey Steve,
    At some point when fully recovered I will email some more and share some of my stilted and cough laden learnings from this past week, which was an amazing time of insight, affirmation and learning for me [and so many others] despite being very unwell.
    At this stage I am just settling my brain to get some sleep and making sure I tape rather than watch the rugby live lest I make myself unwell again! I hope you’re getting good space and also that you enjoy the trip and inevitable ‘Hype’ at the U2 gig and Conference. If you should speak to the great man himself I have sent him a second invitation to participate in my ‘Meaningful Soles’ project…. just tell him to send the persistent Aussie a pair of his boots!! cheers,

    Rob H

    Comment by Rob Hanks — August 9, 2009 @ 2:54 am

  3. Mate, pleased you made it home safely and had such a great time away. Good to see you’ve got a “hockey mob” in your household too.

    Comment by Paul Fromont — August 9, 2009 @ 7:29 am

  4. Hi Steve, thanks for squeezing in some pub-church conversation while you were here … lots of different parts of your story resonated with me – I am looking forward to seeing what emerges from the community connected to the Esther project… btw, I am also enjoying researching the connections between St Brigid and beer, although doubt that has much to do with emerging church 🙂 Cheers!

    Comment by Michelle — August 10, 2009 @ 12:08 am

  5. pub convo was great 🙂 thoroughly enjoyed myself and glad my wierdly different story was of some help 🙂


    Comment by steve — August 11, 2009 @ 3:51 pm

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