Friday, July 20, 2007

of airports and airplanes

It is always hit and miss how much work I get done on planes, but the last 24 hours of journey home have been unusually productive.

Between Portland and San Francisco I completed a film review (of Shrek 3), which I needed to have done as part of my monthly writing contract with Touchstone magazine.

At San Francisco I drafted two proposals which an interested publisher had requested. One was around turning my year long missional church coaching package into a written resource. (Watch this space).

The other was some thoughts around how to get some of my creative and communal worship ideas shaped up in ways that might be more available and accessible. A sort of “missional lectionary” with themes, thought pieces, prayers, poems, takehome resources. (Again, watch this space).

Between Auckland and Christchurch I drafted another film review (of Once, showing Auckland on Friday 27th), which I can perhaps tuck away for next month.

Then it was into the arms of my family. Yah!

Posted by steve at 12:38 PM

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  1. You cant even travel without doing hard work Steve 😛

    Well it’s great you’re back!

    I considered starting a coup while you were away but then I realised it would only mean I’d end up as busy as you if I did.

    Comment by Iain — July 20, 2007 @ 5:37 pm

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