Sunday, May 09, 2004

spiritual friends

in Colossians 1, Epaphras is noted as a good friend of the church.

on the way into church this morning, everyone got given a piece of green paper (colour of growth), with a question printed on it “who has been a good spiritual friend for you?”.

at the front of the church we had made people chains – about 180 “people” lined the steps of the stage.

people were invited to write on the paper the name of someone who had been a good spiritual friend. Moby’s Everloving, off the Play album, was on. the kids collected up the pieces of paper and stuck them on the white people chains … it was a neat visual picture, a sea of white people and green friends, over 140 “good spiritual friends” were honoured at Opawa today.

this week I will send thankyou letters to names i recognise, honouring their gifts in our midst.

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