Friday, March 19, 2010

vestments. any emerging theology? other than bling the bish?

Plea for help from a student: they are doing a paper on worship and specific research on vestments. (Apparently, they are popular in Uniting Churches in other parts of Australia, but not as much here in South Australia. I’ve certainly not seen them in my church-seeking travels as yet.) The student has an interest in the emerging church and so popped in wondering if there has been any recent emerging theologising in this area?

They kept stressing the word “theologise”. They think this should be more than just a personal – will I, won’t I – bling the bish – type issue; they want to make a decision based on theology, not on personal preferences.

Anyone of my readers know of any good thinking around vestments, worship and emerging cultures?

(There’s theology in the video actually:

  • vestments to increase “mystery”
  • incarnational inclusivity – what to wear “to enter God’s house” and do vestments work towards, or away from, new cultural forms of dress
  • “bless, bless” and what human agency can be involved in enacting blessing)
Posted by steve at 02:20 PM