Friday, December 21, 2007

the Christmas journey Peace labyrinth begins at latimer square

I’m just back from the Christmas Journey Peace Labyrinth. It is fantastically beautiful at night, light by neon LED’s, the lampost over the central stable, clouds of smoke drifting through the night air. About 250 people have walked through in first 3 hours.

700 hay bales arrived at about 5 am this morning and a team of about 30 people have worked through the day, setting up a guided pathway using hay bales stacked one, two, or three high; with spaces for a range of stations, offering moments of peace around themes like peace at home, peace at work, peace in community, peace with the earth. There is a livewebcam you can access here, which is linked to the peace with myself station.

It’s just so accessible and so large, right bang smack in the middle of our city. It’s exactly where Jesus should be at Christmas, as party people wander past and the mentally ill mumble by. I’m so proud to be part of a church which has this type of capacity, imagination, courage and missional heart.

stickstable.jpg It is open 24/7 from tonight, Friday through until Monday 24th December morning at 8 am. Yep, 24 hours, so there are people from Opawa who have volunteered for shifts at 1-4 am; 4-7 am etc. Amazing. (For the promotional video, go here).

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