Saturday, August 13, 2011

the shopping trolley as spirituality for mission

It was the Spirituality for Mission topic in the mission shaped ministry course. Rather than talk about spirituality, ten stations were placed around the edges of the space (Function room at West Lakes Resort). Folk were invite to move through the stations and engage experientially this theme of spirituality for mission.

I spotted a shopping trolley and moved over to engage the station.

(More of the story to come later today) Updated: After a while I became aware that while the other stations were crowded, no-one was at mine. And the others all shared identical tablecloths and candles and instructions, while mine was just a trolley, filled with boxes.

Oh well. I held the bar and reflected on those who collect trolleys at malls. Wondered what a fresh expression for them would look like?

Pondered the fact that trolleys are so symbolic of consumerism. And how I want an expression of Christian faith that allows me to be in the world but not of it, a passionate Christ-follower and yet with what I put in my trolley, seeking a life that is simple and that eats justly.

Which I shared with the group upon our return.

Only to be gently told that the trolley was actually not one of the 10 stations. That it was only there because the worship curator had a lot to carry and when they arrived, saw the trolley and decided it looked useful for carrying things.

Oh well, it had been for me, a most significant entry into pondering a spirituality for mission today.

(This is another entry in dictionary of everyday spirituality, under the heading S is for supermarket trolley).

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