Friday, October 28, 2011

Ask me about fresh expressions Synod expo

Yesterday the South Australian Synod began. During lunch, the Fresh Expressions team threw an expo. This involved some outdoor gazebos and seating, along with barbequed sausages for lunch.

Each person was given a show bag of various resources and their were stalls that folk could browse, including books and training options through Uniting College like the mission shaped ministry course, the Bachelor of Ministry (pioneer) degree and the Master of Ministry (missional).

A team of us wore “Ask me about fresh expressions” and wandered during the lunch, engaging folk with their questions about fresh expressions. While folk ate there were a number of 5 minute soapboxes, a short, sharp exploration that we hoped would start conversations and keep the educative process going.

  • What is (not) a fresh expression?
  • How can an inherited expressions help a fresh expression?
  • Are experiments risk?

It was a gorgeous day, with a good queue for sausages. As we ended a fourth soapbox happened, with a man standing to say how this for him was the most encouraging part of Synod and how exciting it was to be part of this type of energy and action. We duly offered him another sausage.

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