Sunday, January 29, 2012

being 12: a birthday car-hunt

One member of Team Taylor turned 12 today. Being a Sunday, it meant a whole day to fill with pleasure and enjoyment. We decided to try and have a treasure hunt using the car. We identified 7 fun things/favourite spots. We then created a number (3 or 4) clues for each, from hard to easy. The challenge was to use the clues to identify the spot, which we then drove to, to enjoy a treat. Once enjoyed, the next “spot”/set of clues could be requested.

It turned out to be a fun and creative way to spend some time as a family celebrating a birthday. Here’s the clues, and I will put the answers in the comments. (It mostly took about 2 clues to guess the spot, although one confounded both children).

Spot 1 – Who am I? Where am I?
I began life as a type of vegetable.
Taste me hot.
My heat goes with another’s sweet.

Spot 2 – Who am I? Where am I?
I and a Kiwi bird.
Earthbound but flight path overhead.
Do you understand Swedish?
Kids love my hot dogs.

Spot 3 – Who am I? Where am I?
I began life as a type of vegetable.
I have green and white stripes.
Relax on me, Read on me.

Spot 4 – Who am I? Where am I?
Adelaide unique.
But common (there are lots of them).
I before o.
Mum and Dad like to relax with me.

Spot 5 – Who am I? Where am I?
For a princess.
A sporting queen.
Spend me
On a favoured bag.

Spot 6 – Who am I? Where am I?
I began life as a type of animal.
I go best with my friend, vegetable.
We both have “I”s in our names.
Australian’s say us wrong!

Spot 7 – Who am I? Where am I?
Your’s is all black.
But with dad you could be the crusaders.
Helmet please.

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  1. Spot 1 – Answer: Hot chilli chocolate at Brace Girdles.
    Spot 2 – Answer: Ikea, to buy something for her room, and then enjoy lunch
    Spot 3 – Answer: go to our new house to relax and read in the family hammock.
    Spot 4 – Answer: Cibo for coffee at Marion mall
    Spot 5 – Answer: Sportsgirl to buy a sports bag.
    Spot 6 – Answer: Fish and chips at beach (sorry to Australian readers, this clue bordered on being a bit jingo-istic, but it is a Team Taylor family giggle!)
    Spot 7 – Answer: ride on Dad’s scooter (the 12 year old got a motorbike helmet for a present).

    Comment by steve — January 29, 2012 @ 6:11 pm

  2. What a great idea.

    We have a family tradition that on the day our kids turn 13 thay receive 13 envelopes, each one with an actifity inside. The activity might be as simple as ‘eat a pie’ (you can tell we live a relatively simple lifestyle when having a bought pie is interesting to a 13 year old!), or as expensive as visiting the siamangs at the zoo. The whole family know that it is the one non-negotiable event in the life of our family, and they are locked into dates until 2021!

    Our best ever activity was ‘pick soem strawberries’ which meant a trip to Beerenberg at Haandorf. While the others went strawberry picking, I pretended to be too interested in the footy…but as soon as they were out of sight I got out the camp stove and started melting chocolate, so that when they got back we all sat in the dust in the carpark eating strawberies dipped in molten chocolate.

    So it’s great to hear of a family enjoying being together.

    Comment by Ian — February 2, 2012 @ 3:47 pm

  3. Thanks Ian. love your 13 idea. very cool esp the hot chocolate with strawberries.


    Comment by steve — February 2, 2012 @ 9:18 pm

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