Sunday, January 08, 2006

emerging church postcards : Aotearoa New Zealand


For words about the image : birth : values : music: mission

Words about the image; This is really a pre-postcard but couldn’t resist … Some of the community of parents at our two preschools in Kaiaipoi have started meeting for coffee in a local café. Is this the start of something – I hope so … Its open to all parents but tends to mums – I need to work on not putting Dad’s off. We spend a couple of hours together on a Thurs morning and have had some great conversations. Could our community become like a church?

How were you as an emerging community birthed?; Well still being conceived really but as part of my role of community worker for the preschools I wanted to connect with parents and get to know them. In many respects it’s no different to other coffee groups especially ones in which the holy spirit is active ( I know of two other great examples of this in our church community).

What do you as an emerging community value?; We value relationship mainly I think – shared experience.

What music track sums up your year?; I’m thinking something from Hi5 or Wiggles. But eventually decided on Life line, by Brooke Fraser (what parent doesn’t need one!!)

What was your best mission moment in 05?; Going together to explore the new art gallery in Kaiapoi – Fragments of Grace.

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  1. Thanks for including us even at the pre-emerging stage. One of our coffee group mums was at Kaiapoi Baptist’s sunday service today so that was a buzz too. And I found some other Kaiapoi bloggers – I tend to get excited too early so not sure if you should watch this space yet …

    Comment by Jo Wall — January 8, 2006 @ 8:27 pm

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