Friday, December 16, 2011

indigenous dreaming

I’ve had a rich few days that included time with local indigenous Christian leaders, talking and dreaming

  • about ways that Uniting Church candidates can be exposed to indigenous culture
  • about whether we as staff and students at College can be taught the Lords Prayer and Words of institution at communion in the local language (Kaurna), as a way to honour the traditional owners of the land on which College exists
  • about urban field trips, Saturdays in which we drive around Adelaide, hearing the stories from Colebrook, and Lartelare Park
  • initially for students in my Reading Cultures class, but why not as a sort of fresh expression for new migrants
  • about shared theological projects, including communion and the missiology of the Preamble.

I have left these gatherings with this urge to take off my shoes, for I feel like I’ve been walking on holy ground.

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