Thursday, February 16, 2012

love feast an intensive ending

I’ve been team teaching with Michelle Cook an intensive for the last two weeks. The photo is from a student desk, the key texts (!), Basis of Union on top, Bible on the bottom. A seeking of integration, not a statement of priority!

It’s been a great few weeks. The new approach to tutorials has worked really, really, well. Students have not only been very engaged. They have also experienced processes around how to think. More importantly, they have also experienced the richness of thinking processes in community – that together we are so much more informed than in isolation. For students training for ministry, this seems to me to be such an essential skill, learning to work in and with groups cf solo minister.

During this week of the intensive we have been offering daily communion, each different, wanting to give students an experience as well as a lecture, wanting students to appreciate the rich diversity in communion practices. Monday was from Uniting in Worship. Tuesday was alternative worship with stations. Wednesday was an adaptation of Orthodox communion. Today was a love feast.

It was the final day of class, so folk were invited to bring food to share. As people arrived, a prayer inviting the Spirit was prayed. Bread was served. We were then ate the shared lunch around tables, enjoying communion of and with each other. During this time, a Bible story was told (thanks Sarah), about Jesus eating practices. As we moved into dessert, the communion cup was offered, followed by prayers of intercession. The benediction was chocolates, the invitation to take the love feast that is God’s communion sweetness into the world.

It was a lovely end to a great few weeks.

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