Thursday, January 17, 2008

my dad the mystic

I’m really proud of my Dad. I asked you to pray a few weeks ago because my dad, who has multiple sclerosis, fell on New years eve and broken his hip. He was operated on for a hip replacement and is making a good recovery. People at Opawa have just been tremendous, so many in the church have visited the hospital.

Dad has made a good progress, aided by the fact that, in consultation with the occupational therapy staff, they made the decision that they would not try to get him walking again. Over the last year he has been increasingly unstable on his legs and the decision was greeted with relief. So Dad came home yesterday and I took lunch around for him and mum.

As I left Dad told me that he prayed for me every day. “I can’t walk, but at least I can still pray” he said.

I hope I age as spiritually and as generously as my dad.

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  1. I was wondering how your Dad was doing, great to hear that he has made good progress. Not being able to walk again must be quite a loss for him to grieve. It must feel good to know that he prays for you everyday, I’m not sure about prayer but have to admit when someone says they pray for me I feel humbled, strengthened and cared for. Steve, I hope these questions don’t sound too stupid but does God really intervene and change events when he is prayed to or is it more about sharing with and relating to a God who will not actually change outcomes or mess with man’s freewill? As an example, last night here it was 35 C and sunny when out of the blue a collection of massive dark grey clouds set in and it poured with rain for about two minutes. The rain then stopped and several big streaks of lightening hit the hills. Within seconds big clouds of smoke were visible. Then the sun was back out. The guy on the radio said “Wow that was incredible, I think God was trying to talk to us… nah I don’t believe in signs, but wow nature has spoken.” Today the fire is continuing and houses are at risk etc, firefighters have worked throughout the night and people are starting to pray for rain. But couldnt God have stopped it in the first place without intervening with any man’s will. So did God want it to happen, was it part of the plan – are all our lives pre-planned by God anyways?

    Comment by Jack — January 18, 2008 @ 1:46 pm

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