Saturday, December 09, 2006

Korean translation of Out of Bounds Church?

I have just been informed that Zondervan have licensed Jeyoung Communications to translate and publish The Out of Bounds Church? into Korean. It should be available in bookstores in about 18-24 months.

Out of Bounds Church translated into German

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10 day celebration

Last nite was the first time in 10 days that just the 4 members of the Taylor family have sat alone around the table to eat our evening meal. I cooked a delicious vegetarian creation: nacho chips sprinked with cheese as a base, cooked vegetables layed on top (including peas fresh from the garden), topped with an avocado, tomato and spring onion mix. There was a lot of laughter as we remembered all the diverse things we’ve been doing in the last 10 days – theatre rehearsals, an overseas visit, international friends staying.

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

on the jet plane

I flight up to Auckland in a few hours to do a live radio slot. Feel free to drop in and listen.

Then up early on Monday to fly to Sydney for a 3 day conference: Faith in a hyphen, exploring one of the key issues facing Christian faith and contemporary society, that of how to respond to issues of cultural and religious diversity.

I am delivering a paper Faithful Other or Guilty Other?, exploring themes of migration in relation to Jacob’s journey in Genesis 28:10-18. I am trying to read the Bible from a post-colonial perspective, using a range of literature, including the diaries of Captain Cook and Te Horeta (Maori who observed Cook’s arrival). If you’re interested you can read it here.

Hoping to catch up with Matthew Stone also. Back home late Wednesday nite, when I play host to Al Roxburgh and Andrew Menzies, as we begin to discuss the Allelon Mission to Western Culture Project and how it might shape up in Australasia.

It promises to be a stimulating week. I am praying this prayer, our Benediction for the 4 weeks of Advent at Opawa.

please find me faithful in helping others
to celebrate the birth of your Son this Christmas,

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