Wednesday, March 31, 2004

questions that need answering

1. why would lawrence lessing release his book for free on the www?

2. why would lawrence lessing’s publishers release his book on the www?

3. who feeds lawrence lessing’s children?

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made my day

the internet and blogging world has been a hard space for me the last month. this email was a positive to add to the negative.

Email today:
the Diocese has given us the go-ahead to begin a new community in Oxford – we are called mayBe – and much thanks to you for the inspiration to get us started.

great name. wierd to think that one can be “inspiration” in a birth on the other side of the world. puts a whole new spin on virtual sex!

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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

resourcing life

A danger of Christianity, of church, of the emerging church, is that we focus all our energy on making church right.

While there is a lot to put right, ultimately we exist to resource people in their following of Jesus, and most of this happens outside church. So we need to provide models of integration.

This Sunday I launched “Resourcing work” prayers at Opawa. Our vision to encourage people to walk and grow with Jesus. One way we can do that is to pray for people in their work situations.

This week we rang up people at Opawa who worked in the health professions … nurses and radiographers. We asked them about their job … what they liked, what frustrated them, what we could pray for.


They brought a symbol of their work and so on Sunday X-rays and catheters and bandages sat at the front of the church. And we prayed …

You are the healer
You heal through medicine and through miracle
You heal through people.

We thankyou for all those who work in the health field … nurses, radiographers and health professionals.


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around table

i have been under a lot of pressure recently … 2 new jobs …. phd ending … trying to finish my manuscript for emergent … new city ….

good friend and fellow-blogger paul was down for the weekend. i ducked out of church commitments and together we wandered the art gallery, browsed the book shops, roamed a few cafes, wined and dined, talked, caught up …

.. it was a very important space and it is a very important friendship. To quote the dubmasters
making our own direction
we will never forget our connection
whenever you’re down remember your crew

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Sunday, March 28, 2004

the preparation

preparations began today for the 2004 contemporary passion of Jesus …. removed half the church pews, hung a white frost cloth ceiling, laid down metres of black polythene plastic in preparation for 3 tonnes of sand to be laid in the church …..

It is amazing how changing the physical environment changes the feel of the space. The youth service tonite will be on cushions on a black polythene screen with Bill Viola visuals.

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Saturday, March 27, 2004

easter art


a series of contemporary interactive art installations
that reinterpret the ancient Stations of the Cross
and the last hours of Jesus life
leading up to His death

7pm-11pm, Monday, 5 April to Thursday, 8 April
1pm-11 pm, Friday, 9 April and Saturday, 10 April
Opawa Baptist Church, cnr Wilsons Rd & Hastings St East
Worship amid the art, 10:30 am Good Friday, Easter Sunday

* stations explored, 9 pm nightly,
a guided discussion of the impact of the imagery

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Friday, March 26, 2004


The passion. 12 hours of decision and death. Does the life count for much?

What are the implications if Jesus had just parachuted in for the day. Left his parachute in the Garden of Gethsemane and stepped into the Passion?

What is the effect on our salvation if Jesus had amnesia, had forgotten about his birth mother, lost his childhood memories, forgotten his 1st job?

What is the effect on our theology if Jesus is just a human who got “possessed” at baptism, as in The Last Temptation?

Does the life count for much?

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Thursday, March 25, 2004

mel and the atonement

A hallmark of evangelical christianity has been the Jesus who suffers, taking our sin, for the world. Mel’s movie dines out large on this image. Lots of “splatta” theology. A good long look at 1 perspective, but in doing so, many other ways of viewing the cross are missed.

Jesus as the integrator of the planet
Jesus as the builder of the new community
Jesus as the non-violent freedom fighter of the Kingdom.

One of the gifts of our postmodern context will be some new insights on the atonement. I am looking forward to that.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

the local

School just down the road from the church – must write to offer support.

THE PRESS – STORY : New Zealand’s leading news and information website

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There is no key .. yet

Lots of you have asked for the key and some of you might wonder why you have not yet had a key cut.

Please relax. There is no key yet. Correction. There is a physical key, but my philosophy has not yet allowed me to turn the key. I am still not convinced a key is the right way to go.

Never resign in the middle of a row.
Never take strong action in the middle of a reaction

So I am bidding my time, letting the days tick and normality return and the questions ponder. Current questions include
1. Can I be bothered running two blogs?
2. There must be a better way to protect my stuff than locking some of it away?
3. If I am a “real” Kingdom person, surely I should be glad if my stuff is borrowed. Should I not offer two articles to everyone who cut and pastes one?
4. What is “author” anyway? Am I not a postmodenist who believes the author is dead and the only authority is communal?
5. A blog takes a lot of energy. How can I create “re-energising blogging processes?
6. What is the point of a blog anyway?

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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

integrating our flashbacks

Jesus did not descend at 30 to do ministry and save the world. Jesus was born somewhere … Jesus was 12 … Jesus had a 1st job.

Birth, childhood, work, are essential to incarnation and faith.

So an integrated Christian faith must include us sifting, integrating, our birth, childhood, work.

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Sunday, March 21, 2004

needing visual help

the new church i pastor has …
a) a paid staff team of 5
b) a board who provide accountability
c) a range of ministry leaders.

the new church i pastor has a signboard with …
a) photos of the staff team at the top
b) photos of the board in the middle
c) photos of the ministry leaders below

the new church i pastor needs a signboard that shows …
how the staff team, in accountable relationship with the board,
and in team with a range of ministry leaders and pastoral interns
sustain the ministry of everyone in the church in the world.

how do i visually re-present this, using photos, on a signboard?

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Saturday, March 20, 2004

a jest at floating language

the little boy emerged from the mud grinning.
soundbites were stuck to his ears and
video loops were scribed to his fingers

he was followed by a community of other grinning kids.
they had found life and were having a ball.
new games to live in
fresh expressions of church to narrate

some older kids pointed and laughed.
a Calvanist kid called the mud disgusting.
an evangelical kid though he recognised the Bible
a liberal kid spotted the outline of human experience

the theology police sauntered by
the black batons of barth and rahner
slapping against slick black leather thigh

“labels please
how would you describe your play
in non-modernist terms”

the little boy picked some mud from his ear
i am not sure i am in the right place.”
he grinned

“would you like to play” he asked.
and with twinkle in eye
returned to the mud

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Friday, March 19, 2004

floating labels

in response to theology police

liberal … evangelical
modernist terms to describe a
game played in a modernist field

… any takers for nancy murphy and beyond
foundationalism and a full
e~mmersion in a postmodern
pool where the old labels might well
wash away in the missiological
waters of incarnational

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