Wednesday, May 17, 2017

4 talks in 4 hours: Kamai Presbytery bound

I shut my office door at 1:30 pm this afternoon. I have to travel tomorrow morning to deliver 4 talks in Tauranga over the weekend.

Friday, 19 May, 10am-12pm: Discipleship and the mission of God – an examination of what it means to from disciples, including reflecting on the distinctive archival resources from Presbyterian history It was Innovation and the Mission of God

Friday, 19 May, 1-2pm: Preparing for mission and ministry today – the introduction of three art pieces, with the stories of how they have been central in shaping my ministry and their implications for innovation, formation and mission.

Saturday, 20 May, 10:30am-11:10 am: Innovation and the Mission of God – a workshop reflecting on six Biblical images that help us understand innovation as an essential practice of a healthy community. Two stories of change that help us appreciate that innovation is not the mysterious quest of a heroic leader, but a set of collaborative, practical actions.

Saturday, 20 May, 11:15am-12:15pm: Refresh! Renew! Rethink! How Scripture brings change in our communities, with particular attention to the justice-making of Wiremu Tamihana, Te Whiti and the Tamar project.

So with a 4 hour window clear of appointments, it was time to prepare. Thankfully each of the talks was something I’ve done before. Thankfully when I speak, I keep physical files of the various resources I use on the day. Thankfully when I speak, I prepare on a computer, which means I can easily make adjustments from one context to the next. So the preparation was a matter of sifting piles, compiling resources, checking and then copying handouts.

IMG_4892 By 4:45 pm this afternoon, I had 4 rows. Each row was in relation to each talk and included speaking notes, handouts and a range of creative resources, unique to each session, that I will use to enable engagement, imagination and interaction.

Now all I need to do is get the 4 piles packed and on the plane, trust nothing gets lost in the Dunedin -> Tauranga flights and make sure the right resource gets pulled out for the right session. I really enjoyed my time with the Kaimai Presbytery last year, and I’m also looking forward to connecting with current interns, recent graduates and perhaps some incoming interns!

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  1. Hi, found you whilst searching for the meaning of ‘duilisc’!!! I too have been reading a book on Celtic Spiritualiy by Ian Bradley and have been captured by the writings of St. Columba and others. I was born in Scotland but lived in NZ for over 10years. My husband and I have been exploring discipleship and mission with 3DM for some time now as we work out living missionally as a family in 21st C New Zealand. We knew for some years that running the machine of church and ‘living a good life’ was not the intention of Christ in His great commission! So, we are pioneering…along with many others like yourself, in creating a ‘new’ old way as believers…Jer 6:16. Praying you have a great time in Tauranga this weekend.
    Blessings, Sheena

    Comment by Sheena — May 19, 2017 @ 11:56 am

  2. Well there we are – duilisc. It’s a great prayer by Columba. I’ve twice been blessed to spend time on retreat at Holy Island, and my dad’s names was Cuthbert, so the Celtic connections are entwined with my story. I love the patterns of mission they embody – and I’ve used St Brendan a lot when encouraging churches in mission today – that sense of voyaging.

    I had a great time in Tauranga – thanks for your prayers


    Comment by steve — May 21, 2017 @ 6:06 pm

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