Sunday, June 21, 2009

a christian response to swine flu part 3

Short-term, what 10 things would you give a family suffering from the flu? With people in our community now nursing sick kids, we want to put together a “thinking of you flu pack” (a variant on pastoral care through transition packs); some things that could be dropped into a letterbox and might bring cheer to the sick and those caring for the sick. Any ideas?

Longterm, this quote from the local newspaper: “Most infectious diseases are diseases of poverty.” Ouch. I stopped and read that again.

“And beyond fears of infection, there is a bigger story about inequality and social conditions …”As a society, we’ve got to look at the conditions some members of our society live in and recognise that the conditions in which poor people live are important for all of us. If we don’t reduce inequalities, it does ultimately affect all of us. And this is a stark example of that. This is what the reformists in the 19th century argued about poverty and disease. We look back and think it was about cholera and tuberculosis and it doesn’t apply anymore. It still applies. This is exactly what’s happened in Christchurch.” Alistair Humphrey in The Press, D2.

In other words, housing inequity is an issue that churches who dare to take the endtimes dreams of Isaiah 65 seriously.

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  1. Ten things would include: practical – a frozen meal which includes lots of veges – a big one which might last more than one meal; fresh milk (especially if they are looking after children); a current(ish) magazine; something to distract a child which is beginning to recover (colouring pencils, pack of cards, similar game – depending on the age of the child); something inspirational – especially if they are a family for whom church is part of their regular ryhthm, but they can’t get out – either some prayers – or some prompts for prayers – a home made CD of the music sung at church last sunday (so they can sing a long, or listen) – something to hold as they pray – not sure what this should/could be – it would depend on the reciever of the care package – perhaps a rock, or piece of paua shell or a ribbon or something – with a bit of an explaination as well, the idea being that if prayer is too hard, then hold this and sit in the presence of God etc

    Comment by KSW — June 22, 2009 @ 12:00 am

  2. You may not have time but I would suggest writing to either watties, campbells or continental and asking them for some free soup. We have found Watties in particular to be very good.
    Otherwise some lemon drink sachets would be a great thing to receive

    Comment by Aaron — June 22, 2009 @ 12:58 pm

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