Friday, October 08, 2010

a dictionary of everyday contemporary spirituality

God is everywhere. While sadly sometimes Christianity reduces God to Sunday and to buildings, God by very definition belongs in all of everyday life. In honour of this, I’m starting a new major category on my blog – a dictionary of everyday spirituality. My goal is to build, from A to Z, a dictionary of everyday contemporary spirituality.

Here is the project so far …

B is for billboards.

B is also for blossom. And here, as a workplace moment of grace.

C is for clutter

C is also for crafts.

F is for furniture restoration

H is for hairdressers

L is for lamsp – pocket lamps.

M is for magpies

M is also for marketing

M is also for mat (specifically a mat on the floor of a central city business).

M is also for migrants.

M is also for milestones

O is for origami boats

P is for peace-treating.

P is also for a Pentecost practice of slow growth.

P is also for posture

R is for renovation.

S is for saints.

S is also for spring

S is also for sh*t

S is also for supermarket trolleys.

T is for thanksgiving.

T is also for transitions

U is for undercoating.

W is for white doves.

W is also for work

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  1. I’ve just completed the first of a series of books that will be A-Z of various aspects of contemporary culture/spirituality/church so I’ll be interested to see how much overlap there is in the lists you come up with and those I’ve compiled. So far, none of the above, so at least it won’t look as if I’ve stolen them from you!

    Comment by John — October 8, 2010 @ 6:47 pm

  2. An interesting collection for sure thanks for collating it. I had an interesting thought on Sunday night at the Chch baptist celebration service on Sunday which shows my post-demoninationalism (did I create a new word??) The central baptist frontage is coming down and we are celebrating that the church is not the building – so what do I do with my grief over the Anglican churches that have offered me resting space … God is not in a building but resting space is a great gift.

    Comment by Jo Wall — October 12, 2010 @ 7:48 am

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