Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a practical “linking in” mission resource?

Tonight I’m speaking to about 60 folk from the Community Outreach Mission Network, which is a grouping within the Uniting Church of South Australia. The topic they have given me is

“Making links in mission.”

It has given me the chance to develop some ideas I’ve been pondering. In particular, how to help churches conduct a mission audit of their life. I worked with a church recently who became aware of needs in their community but in the end decided they were simply too busy.

So the tool is a way of inviting us first to reflect on what exactly we are busy about. Who is our life for?

And second, to think strategically about how we do our mission. If we have limited resources, then how are those resources being deployed? Anyhow, here it is “Linking in” resource and I’d love some feedback on how useful you find in reflecting missionally on your church life?

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