Saturday, November 19, 2011

a second pioneer icon

I painted my first icon back in April. Being a first, having no obvious teacher, simply having a go, it seemed to me to deserve to be called a “pioneer” icon, because that is what pioneer leadership is all about – having a go, learning by doing. As I completed it, I suddenly realised who I was doing it for and I gave it as a thankyou gift to a visiting pioneer.

I completed another icon back in July. It became quite an experience, looking great to the final varnish, when it all turned to crap, with the gold leaf tarnishing and the varnish beading. That mystery continues, with the varnish manufacturer still scratching their heads.

So after a number of months to sit with the sadness, I returned and began work on another “pioneer” icon. Which I have just completed. There was a great deal of nervousness last night as I applied the final coat of varnish. But this morning, it seems OK.

Although, oddly, as with the first pioneer icon, as it neared completion, I again realised who I was doing it for, another couple of pioneers!

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