Sunday, June 03, 2007

a workers communion


As we move to communion, you will notice that it is being served on 3 working communion tables: a kitchen sink, a work bench and an office desk.

And so this table is not a Baptist table.
It’s a workers table. It’s for anyone who wants to remember.

So come Holy Spirit,
Help us remember that God is a worker,
Help us remember that Jesus was a carpenter,
Help us remember that when the bread was broken,
When Jesus said “This is my body, Take, eat, do this in memory of me, This cup means a new covenant in my blood, whenever you drink it, all of you”

Help us to remember that this meal of memory, this first communion, did not happen on a special table with a white lacey tablecloth.

But it happened on a kitchen table in an everyday house,

So come let’s eat and drink, in memory of God the worker, at work in our lives, and at our everyday worktables.

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